Experts in Venture Management

Roaring Pride Ventures partners with entrepreneurs to conceive, design, launch and grow social impact technology businesses. We will employ strategies traditionally employed by incubators, accelerators and venture capital funds. We bring together our deep domain and functional knowledge, infrastructure, commercial networks, and experience, to take ideas from concept to launch and scale working intimately with entrepreneurs. Roaring Pride’s professional expertise enable ideas on a piece of paper to be transformed into a business. We aim to transition from idea-generation to revenue-generation within 12 months and scale the business within 36 months. We work within our Accelerated Venture Solution Environment (“AVSE”) to incubate ideas, undertake rapid research, create prototypes, build solutions and expand human capital to launch and grow ideas into sustainable businesses which have a positive impact on society.



  • Having identified a sound investment opportunity, we surround the entrepreneur with a team of technical and commercial experts who will spend the next 4 to 16 weeks translating the idea into a fully encompassed business plan. The team will present the investment opportunity to its Investment Committee clearly outlining terms of investment which address the needs of our Fund, Roaring Pride and the entrepreneur(s).
  • The dedicated venture management team will now translate the business plan ensuring the venture transitions from idea-generation to revenue-generation within 12 months. This includes the building of the underlying technology, establishing all the operational and readiness activities and hiring of resources directly into the investee company.
  • Roaring Pride Ventures will continue to shape and steer the company through secondments of operational resources and assuming an active seat on the Board. The company will implement a three-stage growth plan each lasting 12 months in tenure.  The ultimate plan is to steer the company towards strategic growth and provide an exit point for its fund.

A Typical Day

We love to dream big! If we did not, you’ll probably lose us. We get a kick out of accepting challenges of disrupting industries by thinking out of the box and tipping existing ways of thinking on its head! We encourage each other to acknowledge that beautiful feeling which runs through your stomach. If you are an entrepreneur like us, you’ll know how that feels! But we are also mature in our thinking to know, that setting emotions and passions to one side, the rational mindset must always dictate decision making. We assemble teams of individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines; challenging them to build empirical evidence to substantiate our thoughts. We craft ideas to issues, rapidly building solutions and prototypes and raise the investment to launch and grow our portfolio businesses.


Accelerated Venture Solution Environment

Our Accelerated Venture Solution Environment entails our 6 stage best in class methodology of launching and growing our ventures:

Idea Generation

Creative engineering, rigorously researching industries and markets, overlaying problems and solutions to identify opportunities

Hypothesis, Researching & Planning

Challenge that gut-feeling. Assemble resources to rapidly build models of empirical evidence to substantiate market demand. When intuition vs. empirical clash, empirical evidence must win!

Prototyping & Pilot Projects

Build the governance, establish the resources, sign-off on agile framework and processes. Launch a prototype through hackathons and prove that there is a demand!

Expand and Grow

Stabilise core competency, rapidly execute plans to generate the first £1m of revenue. Demonstrate growth roadmap is valid. Progress to next stage of road map. Secure follow-on investment rounds. Implement human capital plan.

Design, Refine and Launch

Secure funding and launch the business – through a carefully crafted syndicate. Execute go-to-market plans, manage risks and measure success. Refine and pivot business model, be nimble!


Expand business vertically and horizontally, refine business model in line with external market forces. Engage future investors or corporates. Execute exit plans. Provide superior returns for investors.

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