• If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

    Launching and growing world-class businesses requires a 5 to 9 mindset. It is hard, it requires the entire pride to dig in and help each other to get over those challenging times. Those who can weather the storm inevitably taste success.

  • Help society, and society will help you

    Building intimacy with your end customer is a challenge all marketeers propagate. Focusing on solutions which benefit society, helps you win the hearts and minds of your customers. Customers that choose to affiliate with your brand, will remain loyal brand ambassadors.

  • Focus on what is important today

    All our ventures must demonstrate a capability of generating revenue within 12 months of ideation. This means we rapidly progress through research, prototyping and launching into the market. This inevitably means we zero in and focus intensively on processes and activities that demonstrate revenue generation and early signs of market acceptance.

  • Scaling within 24-months

    All ventures must be able to demonstrate product / market fit within 24-months of launching. Plans are drafted and evaluated consistently. The voice of the market is key. Data is accumulated from multiple sources, constantly assessed and used to refine the strategy. Team remains laser-like focused.

  • Remember execution is key

    Access to financial resources is important but what is more important is to execute and implement a well devised plan efficiently. Understanding what activities add value is critical. Too much time, money and resources are spent on building solutions which are not required today.

  • Stop talking and start doing!

    The idea sounds great, the research and numbers all stack up and the plans have been signed off. Now it's important to stop talking, roll-up your sleeves and work tirelessly to get the idea transformed into a successful venture. Beautifully documented business plans resting on the shelves catching dust, do not automatically transform into great businesses!

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