Life within the Pride

Unlike the prides across the African plains, this pride is flat in hierarchy!  Every member of the pride actively contributes to making it a success.  Nor do we sleep 20 hours a day! This pride is certainly an active one.

Like all big cats, we are flexible, strong and fiercely competitive to be the best we can be. We honour the pride’s code, respect our values and protect and support each other.

Pride Values

Joining the pride means adhering to, living and advocating the following values.
If these values appeal to you, then we are sure you will enjoy becoming a part of the pride:

Pride Structure

We offer a range of paths to attract and retain the very best talent to join the pride.

Paths to joining the Pride

Students pursuing vocational programmes, A Levels or completing their undergraduate courses at university can apply to become part of our 12-week Summer Internship Programme. Each year, the pride selects 6 cubs to join the pride, to learn what life is like within the pride!

Successful candidates join the pride and work on a raft of projects from researching, prototyping, testing and shadowing executives.

Successful candidates must be able to demonstrate:

  1. Passion for entrepreneurship.
  2. Strong academic track record. 
  3. Analytical, logical and able to solve problems by working within a pride.
  4. Well-organised and willing to learn.

If you wish to learn more about the Summer Internship Programme then please email us on

If you are completing an MBA or any similar postgraduate programme, then why not connect with the pride to learn how you can shape your dissertation to address one or more of the issues our venture architects are facing.  

As a venture management company, Roaring Pride is constantly addressing and shaping commercial solutions which can be underpin your dissertation. Many MBA students work with the pride to apply their course curriculum and learning outcomes to discreet challenges set by the pride.

If you wish to align your postgraduate studies to the pride then please email us on

Fresh out of university and looking for a time of your life? Are you up to being a part of a pride that is developing ground-breaking and innovative solutions which have the potential to become a global success? 

Our Graduate Analyst Programme is a 3-year programme which witnesses analysts progressing through 6 different areas of the business.  Every 6 months, you are lifted and parachuted into a new segment of the pride lands and presented with a fresh batch of challenges.  During this time, you get to experience the entire venture lifecycle.  You will experience life as a sub-adult member of the pride and get to work on a raft of exciting challenges which will stimulate you intellectually.  

Professional development is mandatory.  Over a 36-month programme you will be expected to complete a range of professional and internationally recognised courses.  Building the pride is important if the we are to remain competitive across the plains. 

Applications for the Graduate Analyst Programme opens on the 1st December and applications close on the last week of February.  Prospective candidates will be invited to attend a telephone interview after which selected candidates can expect an 8-stage interview, case study and assessment centres.  Candidates join from 1st August.

If you wish to apply align your postgraduate studies to the pride then please email us on

As we look to conquer new horizons and expand the pride lands, we are consistently seeking to add talent to the pride.  Over the recent past, a repeating pattern amongst new joiners is the stimulation and excitement of addressing challenges presented by working across a range of ventures.  

New members of the pride are encouraged to add to our intrapreneurial culture.  That means, you are actively encouraged to think of ideas and bring potential new ventures to the table which we can all discuss, shape and agree. Being part of the pride means, you will be allowed space to think, cogitate and create ideas by joining the dots and sharing such thoughts with other members.

What you can expect:

  1. A respectable, market base salary and bonus.
  2. Usual Perks i.e. gym, healthcare, pension.
  3. Professional Development in line with your grade and career aspirations.
  4. Flexi Hours and working from home.
  5. 25-days of annual leave.
  6. Mentorship.
  7. Give back – up to 10 days of working with charities.


The pride is actively looking to attract professional executives in the following space:

  1. Strategy Development
  2. Financial Analysis & Business Modelling 
  3. Marketing Strategy 
  4. Technical & Solution Architects 
  5. Product Engineering
  6. Business Analysts
  7. HR Business Partners

Successful candidates are able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Between 5-10 years of hands-on experience within a specialist domain.
  2. Worked for leading blue-chip organisations.
  3. Have experience of start-up environments.
  4. Understand, discuss or demonstrate the need for commercial viability.
  5. Exceptional academic record preferably in either STEM or humanity-based subjects.
  6. Ability to fluctuate between right and left side thinking.
  7. Able to deal with multiple projects and organise the pride to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.
  8. Strong leadership and management skills.
  9. Ability to work under pressure whilst also understanding the need for work-life harmony.
  10. Aspire to build global brands.

If this appeals to you, then why not send through your CV to