Below is a list of the most common questions presented to us.

How do you differ from a traditional venture capital fund?

Our pride consists of professionals who have deep operational and functional expertise from sales, marketing, human resources, product management and technology. Such expertise has been acquired across leading blue-chip organisations. Our average senior pride member has 20-years of hands-on experience in their functional domain. You can find yourself in a workshop discussing tech matters with a Senior Technical Architect or a Solution Design Specialist, who has completed over 120 different projects. This level of depth and expertise means we can accelerate a solution design within a condense period of time.

What is your own investment horizon?

As a venture management company, we launch each business with the mindset that our co-investors may choose to exit within 3,7 or 10 years. The pride itself, is here for the long-run and we ordinarily look to stay with a business for up to 15 years.

Once a venture is launched, do you simply move on to your next venture?

No, designing and launching a venture is less then 10% of what we are out to achieve. Part of the process involves recruiting and building the management team who are a permanent part of the venture. That said, it is critical that the venture architects (from the pride) remain on-board for at least 12-18 months or such time as determined by the CEO of each venture. Once a business is launched the hard work starts. We will seek a minimum of two members of the pride assume a role on the Board of each portfolio business and maintain an active role in helping the C-suite in their day to day operations.

Is your investments more income or growth focused?

Our focus is very much to retain all net earnings and drive growth across each portfolio business. Our objective is to provide each investor a legitimate path to exit and achieve superior returns. In exceptional circumstances, and strictly in line with the decision mandated by the Board of each portfolio business, dividends may be released.

How do you ensure each portfolio business is able to flourish as an independent business?

Whilst the pride aims to inject some core values into each portfolio business, we respect that every venture that we design, launch and grow will inevitably shape itself to take its own identity. We pay careful attention to our human capital and succession planning, alongside a commitment to building a culture which promotes the core values of the pride. This initial focus helps us lay the foundation to build upon. That said, there are some values which we do not compromise upon for instance a focus on social impact, a commitment to investing a sizeable amount of post-tax profits towards our foundation, a commitment to attracting, retaining and developing our human capital will always permeate every portfolio business.

If you have any further questions, please contact us a member of the pride will look forward to responding.

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