Investment Criteria

Roaring Pride Ventures – in the capacity of an Investment Advisor - seeks to invest in opportunities which meet the following investment criteria:

  • Design

    Translating an entrepreneur’s thoughts, ideas and vision into a tangible set of artefacts.

  • Launch

    Rapidly planning and deploying technology, methodologies to launch the business into the marketplace.

  • Growth

    Diligently working with the entrepreneur(s) to implement the roadmap to achieving strategic growth.

  • Financial Focus

    Investment is generally raised through Roaring Pride Venture Funds

    1. Seed to pre-series “A”:
      1. Investment range between £100,000 to £5m.
      2. Idea Generation to Revenue Generation within 12 months.
      3. Prepare to raise next round of financing from month 24 onwards.
    2. Series “A” preparation:
      1. Clear revenue and expansion plans.
      2. Demonstrate ability to generate between £5m to £10m in revenue.
      3. Ideally EBITDA positive.
      4. Typical ticket size ranging between £10m to £25m.
    3. Aim is to launch technology focused businesses which can achieve an EBITDA margin between 65% to 75% within 5 years.
    4. Anticipated returns range between 5x to 10x depending on investor and round.
    5. Incoming investors are encouraged to have an investment horizon ranging between 5-10 years.


    1. Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    2. Ability to grow business vertically through acquisition.
    3. Global growth through carefully crafted joint ventures.
    4. Businesses which can generate cash within 12-months.
    5. Businesses which can be scaled within 36-months.
    6. Provide superior returns with social focus.


    1. Large antiquated industries ripe for disruption through innovation and technology.
    2. Organisation and sharing of data and intelligence which leads to much enriched decision-making and customer ownership.
    3. Streamlining and simplifying complex, disjointed business processes.
    4. Richly enhancing the customer journey through an omni-channel experience.


    1. UK focused with UK headquarters.
    2. Growth through joint ventures with regional growth plans.


    Our sector focus includes:

    1. Education
    2. Health & Well-Being
    3. Sports & Entertainment
    4. Food & Beverages
    5. Automotive & Transportation
    6. Regulation & Compliance

    Please note Roaring Pride Ventures DOES NOT invest in businesses which involve alcohol, gambling, pornography or tobacco.


    We are inspired by ventures underpinned by the following technology:

    1. Blockchain
    2. Artificial Intelligence
    3. Natural Processing Language & Machine Learning
    4. Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”)
    5. Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”)
    6. Internet of Things (“IoT”)

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