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Social Impact EIS Fund I

Bold sections constitute areas of core focus for the Fund

The Social Impact EIS Fund I (the “Fund”) is a new £30m investment fund designed and launched, by Roaring Pride Ventures, to invest seed capital into creative and innovative technology businesses and concepts which have the potential of transforming industries and addressing some of the world’s most pressing societal issues.

We partner with entrepreneurs to conceive, design, launch and grow social impact technology businesses.  We will employ strategies traditionally employed by incubators, accelerators and venture capital funds. In addition to capital, we bring together our deep domain and functional knowledge, infrastructure, commercial networks, and experience, to take ideas from concept to launch and scale working intimately with entrepreneurs. 

We are pioneering a new model to fast-track the growth of new and innovative UK companies by combining our agility and expertise with the aim of disrupting the process of innovation, turning the art of venture building into a repeatable science through our Accelerated Venture Solution Environment. We will introduce enterprise models, processes, frameworks, and playbooks so we can rapidly deploy and co-create high impacting businesses that have the potential of solving many of the world’s biggest social challenges. 

The Fund aims to allow investors the opportunity to gain a financial return whilst also making the world a better place. The Fund will invest in opportunities closely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Features

Minimum Subscription£25,000 – Lesser amounts will be accepted at the absolute discretion of the Investment Manager.
Investment PeriodWithin two years of the date of the closing date.
Fund TermFive Years.
Minimum number of Invested Companies in an Investor’s PortfolioA Target of at least 5 Qualifying Companies per Investor.
Closing DatesThe closing dates determined by the Investment Manager as the dates upon which the Investor’s subscription will be admitted to the Fund, up to the Final Closing Date with the Closing Dates each being a “Closing Date”. This is subject to change at the Investment Manager’s absolute discretion.
Investment Term A minimum of three years (to benefit from the tax relief) the recommendation holding period of the fund is five years.
Maximum Fund Size £30,000,000, unless changed at the absolute discretion of the Investment Manager.
Investment Objectives To offer Investors the chance to invest in early-stage companies developing innovative technologies in consumer-facing industries within the UK and aimed at having a positive impact on society.
Investment Restrictions The Fund will only invest in companies that are EIS eligible, are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are underpinned by technology. Companies need to have a “permanent establishment” in the UK or may be headquartered elsewhere. The Fund will not invest in opportunities which relate to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or pornography.
Revenue Targets Once the business is launched to the market, within two years of investment the aim for each Invested company is to generate between £10m to £15m in revenue.
Dividend Policies The Investment Advisor does not expect that the invested companies will release a dividend. The focus will be to retain earnings and drive growth across each invested company.

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